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El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Dry Madeira Cask Finish

El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Dry Madeira Cask Finish

The Special cask line from El Dorado has two different Madeira Wine cask finishes. The Sweet and the Dry, I have yet to try the sweet so I am unable to compare the two but this one was tasted directly after the red wine cask finish at the El Dorado 50th Tasting in Toronto. The cask line takes the normal 15 Year Old Special Reserve rum and ages an additional 18-24 months in a specific cask type. Today I review the Dry Madeira Cask finish. 

Personal Opinion

Appearance (5/5):
Sharing the bottle design with the standard 15 with an added splash of colour and cardboard bottle container this is a good looking product. In the glass if I were to only look at it, I would be completely unable to distinguish between the original and this one. It is a rich deep amber colour and  legs for days when you swirl it in the glass. 

Nose (18/25):
A significant departure from the red wine version, it loses all of the sweetness in the nose. The citrus is gone leaving fruit like banana, prunes, and dried apple. The nose is almost bitter and astringent, but I do not mean that in a negative way. It’s a great departure from the normal sweetness of El Dorado. 

Flavour (50/60):
A relatively uncomplex rum, it shows off the oak I had in the nose earlier and the dried fruit comes through with banana chips being prominent. There is a caramel undertone that seems to almost be from caramelized fruit. Everything fades away into a peppery finish. 

Finish (6/10):
The finish on this one is short and to the point. By far the driest of the 15 year old rums from El Dorado I have had it sucks the moisture out of your mouth just a little bit. 

Total: 79/100

WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Dry Madeira Cask Finish

Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Deep

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Light-Medium
Maturation: Matured
Aroma: Fruit, Lots of Oak, Bitterness, Stringent and Dried Fruit.

Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: Smooth
Body: Light-Medium
Flavour Intensity: Medium
Flavour Characteristics: Oak, Light Caramel, Banana Chips, Peppery Finish
Finish: Short
Complexity: Some-Complexity

Quality: Good
Reasoning: Short finish and a less complex flavour profile leads this to be a good rum. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Experimental Limited Edition Aging
Style: Aged Rum
Price: Premium

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