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El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Red Wine Cask Finish

El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Red Wine Cask Finish

This is the standard 15 Year Old El Dorado Rum further aged another eighteen months in a re-charred level 3 mainland Portugal red wine cask. Tasted during the El Dorado 50th Anniversary launch on Toronto, I had it in a series with the regular 15 Year Old and the Dry Madeira Cask Finish

Personal Opinion

Appearance (5/5):
Sharing the bottle design with the standard 15 with an added splash of colour and cardboard bottle container this is a good looking product. In the glass, if I were to only look at it, I would be completely unable to distinguish between the original and this one. It is a rich deep amber colour and legs for days when you swirl it in the glass. 

Nose (16/25):
It truly is amazing what just a short 18 months in a different barrel can do to the spirit. The nose retains the fruit, nuts and candied orange peel but the citrus and orange scents go through the roof. This actually seems to mute some of the other scents in the glass and makes it a much more straightforward spirit. 

Flavour (43/60):
I don’t know if it is the added sugar when compared to the standard spirit, but I found this rum to be significantly sweeter. The sweetness made this smooth on the way down with little to no burn. But what a change the red wine brought out! It added pepper and spice which just overlayed all other flavours. In the background was caramel, char, oak, and nutmeg. 

Finish (4/10):
The finish was sweet through and through; it was too much for even my own sweet tooth. I tasted this right before the Madeira cask El Dorado rum, and after coming back from that one this one unfortunately paled in comparison. 

Total: 68/100


WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado 15 Year Old Limited Edition Red Wine Cask Finish

Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Deep
Colour: Amber

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Light-Medium
Maturation: Matured
Aroma: Fruit, Candied Orange Peel, Nuts, Citrus+, and Orange+.

Sweetness: Semi-sweet
Alcohol: Smooth
Body: Light-Medium
Flavour Intensity: Medium-Pronounced
Flavour Characteristics: Char, Oak, Nutmeg, Spice, Pepper+, Caramel+, Smoke+.
Finish: Long
Complexity: Some Complexity - Complex.

Quality: Good - Very Good
Reasoning: Complexity is decently high. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Experimental Limited Edition Aging
Style: Aged Rum
Price: Premium

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