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El Dorado - EHP Single Barrel

El Dorado - EHP Single Barrel

EHP single barrel is one of three rums in the Connoisseur line up from El Dorado (ICBU and PM being the other two). Distilled on a ~200 year old wooden Coffey still (Column) named after the original owner Edward Henry Porter or EHP still. I have not verified this claim, but El Dorado states that it is the only operational still of its kind still in operation today. Normally this is used as part of a blend, but as it is being offered as a stand alone product it provides an interesting look into what a specific still contributes to the end product. While I have my own bottle to sip on now, this review is coming from my notes at the El Dorado 50th Anniversary tasting dinner. 

Personal Review

Appearance (4/5):
I find the bottle to be a bit generic, they manage to make it look decent with the “Single Barrel” gold leafed into the glass but overall not the best presentation from El Dorado. The rum however is a wonderful colour of pale amber. 

Nose (21/25):
Like its sibling ICBU, this one is very caramel-forward in its nose, but this one veers more to juicy fruits compared to dry. Apple and pear dance around the orange and general citrus notes. The ubiquitous oak and char bring their usual character to this rum. 

Flavour (50/60):
Cinnamon plays its part in spicing this one, but it remains controlled by the lighter caramel and fruit notes. The pear and apple come though to make this rum surprisingly absent of citrus. 

Finish (7/10):
A shorter finish that just fades the spice away. This is a fairly run of the mill rum experience in my books. A fantastic rum to start out but it falters in its last step causing it to score just below its sibling. 

Total: 82/100


WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado EHP Single Barrel

Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Pale-Medium
Colour: Amber

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Medium
Maturation: Matured
Aroma: Fruits, Caramel+, Citrus, Orange, Apple, Pear, Oak, and Char. 

Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: Smooth
Body: Light
Flavour Intensity: Medium
Flavour Characteristics: Fruits, Pear, Cinnamon, and Light Caramel. 
Finish: Medium
Complexity: Simple - Some Complexity

Quality: Good
Reasoning: Relatively simple palate, shorter finish and decent nose complexity rate this a Good Rum. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Single Barrel
Style: Aged
Price: Premium

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