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El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel

El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel

ICBU stands for Ignatius Christian Bueller who was the original owner of the still used to produce this rum. The El Dorado Savalle still, originating in 1908, is the sole producer of this rum. It is a great insight into the source rums of El Dorado. Normally the spirits that come from this still would be blended with others to produce a single final product; but as part of the Connoisseur Single Barrel line we can try it standing on its how same with the EHP and PM Single Barrel Products. This review comes from the night I spent tasting El Dorado rums at Vintages El Dorado 50th Anniversary launch party. 

Personal Review

Appearance (4/5):
I find the bottle to be a bit generic, they manage to make it look decent with the “Single Barrel” gold leafed into the glass but overall not the best presentation from El Dorado. The Rum however is a wonderful colour of pale amber. 

Nose (20/25):
The caramel comes on strong in this one; it starts and ends every whiff of this rum. Spiciness is completely absent. The smooth sweet notes are primary in this one. Very light citrus makes an appearance; oak, char, raisins and apricots round this one off.

Flavour (50/60):
In the first sip you realize just how much the nose tricked you for the flavour of this rum. Spice leads the pack out of the gate as your introduction to the ICBU. Coconut and oranges make up the primary flavour of the body which fade back into tobacco and more spice. Honestly, if the spice was dialed back a touch this would probably be one of the top scoring rums in this section for me. 

Finish (10/10):
As this rum drags out into its incredibly long finish, the spice moves about your tongue. As it fades away, a strong lingering flavour of banana is all that is left. 

Total: 84/100

WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado ICBU Single Barrel

Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Pale
Colour: Amber

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Medium - Pronounced
Maturation: Matured
Aroma: Fruits, Citrus, Char, Caramel+, Raisins, Apricots, and Oak. 

Sweetness: Dry
Alcohol: Smooth
Body: Light
Flavour Intensity: Medium
Flavour Characteristics: Fruits, Banana, Flowers, Oak, Coconut, Oranges, Tobacco, and Spice. 
Finish: Long
Complexity: Some-complexity+

Quality: Very Good
Reasoning: Long finish, good nose, and complexity garners it a very good rating. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Single Barrel
Style: Aged
Price: Premium

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