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El Dorado 25 1988 Distillation

El Dorado 25 1988 Distillation

Personal Review

Now on its third major rendition (1980, 1986, and 1988) this has become a staple super-premium rum in the El Dorado line up. Today's review will feature the 1988 line with the 1986 review coming at a later date. Aged for 25 years in used American white oak bourbon barrels it is the oldest in the lineup (12, 15, 21) and features (just like its siblings) an age statement matching the youngest rum in the bottle. This is in contrast to solera style rums which list the oldest and often features rums which are much younger. 

Appearance (5/5):
I absolutely love the new box this spirit comes in. The simple exterior mixed with a gilded interior looks amazing. The familiar glass decanter is back once again looking as amazing as ever. Once poured into a glass the amber hue is rich and beautiful. 

Nose (23/25):
As this was part of the 50th Anniversary Tasting Dinner I didn’t get the chance to give this a whiff before it had been sitting for some time. But it was rich and sweet nose that laid on the caramel, oak, candied orange. Layered underneath sat the nuttiness of almond slivers and the banana and dried apricot these higher aged El Dorado rums are bringing to life. 

Flavour (56/60):
For a spirit aged no less than 25 year one would be forgiven for expecting something more bitter, especially when you consider the heat these age in. But El Dorado seems to have mastered the art of releasing a smooth rum at these advanced ages. There was nearly no warming sensation to speak of, but it did seem to be off-dry and there has, in my opinion, been some sugar added (untested/unconfirmed). The flavours however were strong, and the pronounced honey and caramel defined the sweetness while the dried apricot and almonds danced only on the palate for short periods of time. Banana, oak, and orange finished of this profile. 

Finish (8/10):
A truly superb finish. It evolved on the palate as time went on. Never quite fading, just morphing into something new. At $400-$450 a bottle this is a very pricey rum. It is a very enjoyable experience and worth a gift to yourself, but for my money on a normal day I would go for the 12 or 15 year old rums in this same line up. 

Total: 92/100

WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado 25 1988 Distillation

Clarity: Clear
Intensity: Medium
Colour: Amber

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Medium
Maturation: Very Aged
Aroma: Fruits, Sugar, Sweetness, Caramel, Oak, Char, Candied orange peel, Almonds, and Honey. 

Sweetness: Off-Dry
Alcohol: Smooth
Body: Medium
Flavour Intensity: Medium-Pronounced
Flavour Characteristics: Fruits, Honey, Almonds, Oak, Caramel, Banana, Dried apricots, and Orange. 
Finish: Medium-Long
Complexity: Some complexity

Quality: Very Good
Reasoning: Advanced complexity from a long aged rum and the medium length finish. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Premium Aged Rum
Style: Aged Rum
Price: Super Premium

El Dorado 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve

El Dorado 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve

El Dorado 21 Year Old

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