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El Dorado 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve

El Dorado 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve

Personal Review

The final tasting at the El Dorado 50th Anniversary tasting dinner. Normally I prefer to have a couple glasses before I write a full review but when this one comes in at $3500.00 a bottle I think I will have to be forgiven for only having a single ounce for this one. The spirit was released to celebrate Guyana's 50th Anniversary of independence from Great Britain. Contrary to all other El Dorado spirits the age marker in this product is not based on the age of the contained spirits but rather on the historical event. The actual rum is a blend of 33-50 year old rums. 

Blended from 5 different rums it is largely originating from wooden stills including two thirds from a 1966 distillation run. The youngest rum originates from barrels in 1983 which were produced on a still which has since been decommissioned. The remaining rum originated from the French Savalle still which may be best known for being a sole producer behind the Single Barrel ICBU rum. 

Appearance (5/5):
Arriving in golden box and unique decanter this rum would be well appointed without its 18 carat gold necklace. The rum in glass is lighter than you could ever expect a 33-50 year old product to be. The pale amber hue really understates the palate to come.  

Nose (22/25):
Matching the understated colour is the nose which is similarly light. The scents are well defined but somewhat subtle. A somewhat sour note is won over by banana, fig honey and caramel. 

Flavour (54/60):
An immensely smooth rum gives off some stronger flavours than expected from above. An almond nuttyness is hiding behind the much more present caramel and banana. The sweetness continues into a strong honey and vanilla. Signature El Dorado Orange Peel is present but not as prominent as in the younger rums. 

Finish (7/10):
This rum will last some time. Perhaps on some level because it is such a rare event to taste it you don’t want to let it go. It sadly is a somewhat one dimensional finish that is lacking. 

Total: 89/100

WSET Review

Spirit: Rum
Product: El Dorado 50th Anniversary

Clarity: Clean
Intensity: Pale
Colour: Amber

Condition: Clean
Intensity: Light-Medium
Maturation: Very Aged
Aroma: Banana, honey, fig, fruits, oak, sweetness, caramel

Sweetness: dry
Alcohol: smooth
Body: Medium
Flavour Intensity: light-medium
Flavour Characteristics: Fruits, banana, orange peel, fig, honey, sourness, and nuttyness. 
Finish: Long
Complexity: Simple-Some Complexity

Quality: Good-Very-Good
Reasoning: Not the most complex rum but lingers on the palate. 

In Context
Origin: Guyana
Theme: Super Aged Rum
Style: Demerara
Price: Super Premium + 

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